Continuous Vacuum Pans (HCR)

Key Benefits

  • Provides improved massecuite exhaustion due to longer crystal growth time, excellent circulation and stability of operation
  • Energy savings resulting from the high heating surface area and the ability to use low steam pressure
  • Heating surface area to volume ratio allows for the design use of low constant pressure vapor (V2 or V3) for pan heating
  • Improved massecuite quality due to multiple compartments (cells)
  • An even distribution of syrup under the calandria is ensured through a unique syrup feed system
  • Calandria steam baffle plates and efficient removal of noxious gasses ensure even boiling throughout all the pan compartments
  • Operator friendly as all valves and controls are easily accessible from a single level
  • Units can be supplied with volumes ranging from 40m3 to 300m3.
  • Larger units for a split-type design (massecuite and vapor side) can be supplied