Co₂ Remelt Decolorization & Filtration

Key Benefits

  • Carbonatation of thick liquor remelt (70 Brix)
  • Decolorization of high colored raw melt
  • Efficient lime addition to melt liquor
  • From boiler gas of alcohol fermenters scrubbing and compression of Co₂
  • Efficient CO₂ gas distribution in saturators
  • Effective liquor temperature control throughout the saturators
  • Efficient pH control throughout the CO₂ process
  • Highly automated
  • Low operational and maintenance costs
  • Low sucrose content of mud bake-efficient mud de-sweeting cycle
  • Low sweetwater production
  • Reduced filter area for liquor flow rates
  • 50 Tonne/hr to 200 Tonne/hr of RSO